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Tips for Closing Out 2011 and Preparing for a Rockin’ 2012


Thanks to Amber Ludwig for today’s insightful guest post:

We are all winding down the 2011 year (hard to believe it went by so quickly!) and resting up to take charge in early 2012. It is important to really take that time to REST because January is an often hectic month where business owners, like you and me, are eager to expand, build and conquer. We are FULL of inspiration and creative ideas. Many also feel financial pressure from spending a little too much over the holidays, and expansion in business usually requires a budget to play with. Today I hope to provide some tips for consideration to help you through this transition.

Now is the time to set goals for the New Year. Now, usually when we set New Year’s goals, they tend to be “Lose Weight” or “Make Money” or “Quit This” or “Start That.” This is an AWFUL way to set goals! You are basically setting yourself up for failure because there isn’t a benchmark for success and they tend to be “all or nothing” which is a scary goal to have.

I try not to put the weight of the world on my shoulders by setting too high of a goal. I set goals that are tough to reach, just not impossible. I know that in January pressure will be higher which means I’ll require more rest and better time-management. I know I’ll be entering the busy season in my industry so setting “realistic” goals is vital. When we don’t hit our goals we become less likely to set future goals for fear we won’t hit them. But, you will go MUCH further in life with goal-setting. That is a fact.

Once you have your goals in mind, it’s time to create a strategy. For example, we don’t just say “I want to lose 5 pounds” otherwise it most likely won’t happen. Instead, we make a strategy to lose that weight by speed-walking for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Notice I didn’t say 7 days a week. If you have that holiday weight-gain you are feeling more lethargic and it’ll be tough to keep yourself motivated to follow-through.

I always give myself a couple days off as a reward for hitting my 5-day goal, and also to give myself a mental break. When we are too hard on ourselves, we buckle and often run and hide from our goals. Another example is, “My goal is to create a 3-piece audio how-to program by January 6th, then promote it in x, y, z ways weekly to make an extra $1,500 in January.” The tip is: The more detailed you get with your goals, the more likely you are to hit them.

Setting goals and creating the strategy is about 20% of what it takes to succeed, I believe. The other 80%? It’s all due to your mentality, focus and decision-making ability. For example, this morning I woke up feeling VERY tired and lazy. After all, I just had 5 days off for the holiday! I absolutely had a decision to make. The one I wanted to make was hit the snooze button and mentally complain about getting up. The decision I did make was to snap out of bed and work out. My day would have played out in two totally different ways depending on which path I chose. Today I feel focused, light and productive thanks to working out.

With each decision we make (and we make HUNDREDS each day) we are getting closer to or further away from our goals. You will come across many difficult decisions in the next few weeks (to eat that fudge, or not – to click that snooze button, or not), until you are back in your routine. Make the right decisions that will make you feel better about yourself, help others and get more success.

Now is the time. Let’s rock this out!


Thanks, Amber. And now a personal plug for this git-er-done woman: She was my go-to person for building this Web site. She’s smart, on the ball, and easy to work with. She does much more than Web site design: social media, book launches, and more. I highly recommend her. Check out Amber’s Web site.


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