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Build Your Self-Esteem By Keeping Your Word

“Your self-esteem is directly related to your ability to keep your word,” said Jeff Rogers in a PSI Basic seminar. “And that includes keeping your promises to yourself.”

Well, no wonder my self-esteem was in the doghouse. I broke my promises all the time. (Ask anyone who knows how long I’ve been promising to get my ebook online. Years….) I’m better now. Or so I thought. Here’s my story:

Gaelyn and I agreed to have a play day on Wednesday. We were gonna get haircuts, see a movie, and try a new restaurant. But on Sunday Carol invited us to Heidi’s birthday party on—you guessed it—Wednesday.

Why would that matter? Because Heidi’s special: she’s our marvelous dog sitter who comes all the way from Seattle to take excellent care of OOdles and Scooter and our home. Heidi’s in town, sitting for friends, and I wanted to be at her party.