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Efficient or Fun? Pick One


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be efficient. Take this morning…. I approached the Safeway checkout lines with my 2 items. Two express lines were open.

Line #1: Tami is my favorite checker. She’s friendly to everyone, and we’ve both taken PSI Seminar, so it’s fun to have that in common, to check in on a deeper level.

A couple people waited for Tami’s register, so being efficient, I picked the register with no customers:

Line #2: Maile the checker always seems to be bored out of her gourd, and I’ve never seen her smile. When she mumbled, “Thanks for shopping at Safeway,” I didn’t believe she meant it.

I left the store trailing a dark cloud. What was I thinking? For a few more minutes of my time, I coulda had a V-8. I mean, I could have enjoyed checking out with Tami. I could have left Safeway with a laugh instead of a lesson.

Have you had a lesson in the value—or not—in being efficient? Please tell your story below.


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