Are You Looking for Mr. Right?

Find Out Almost Everything You
Want to Know About Your Date or Mate
But Are Afraid to Ask—Even If You’re Shy

Where are you on the dating scale?

  • Just looking…
  • Boy, am I looking!
  • Got my eye on him
  • We’re dating
  • We’ve been together a while
  • Yikes! We’re the silent couple in the restaurant, staring at our salads or texting our friends

No matter where you are on this scale, dating can be a drudge. Why be stressed, when you could be having fun?

You deserve good times with a good guy. You know you do. But how do you keep from going off the same old cliff with a cute new guy—or the one you’ve got? In a fun way, you find out what he’s really like. You’ll get the information you need to pass up good and go for great.

Quickly discover how to:

  • Make the most of getting-to-know-you time
  • Decide if you have anything important in common: not every date is going to be your, er, bosom buddy
  • Overcome shyness
  • Make sure your mind doesn’t blank when you meet an amazing person
  • Ditch the small talk and ask a guy questions to really get to know him
  • Take your relationship to a deeper level
  • Reveal the red flags so you don’t get burned again
  • Know if he is a keeper, if he is The One
  • Make your confidence soar

Get Ready for Great Conversation Topics for Couples!

My e-book provides the questions to help you get answers, absolutely guaranteed. In a helpful, playful way it provides the excuse to ask almost all the questions that you need your (potential) mate to answer. Hundreds of fresh, intriguing, and gradually more intimate questions make everything from the first meeting to the deepest conversation a life-long adventure.

Call ‘em what you will—ice breakers, conversation topics for couples, or just plain questions (although they’re plain like Jim Carrey’s a plain actor). They will boost your ability to get to know someone through the roof! Then you can decide if he’s The One. The book is

Do You Squeeze The Toothpaste In The Middle?
Playful Questions for Dates and Mates

This book contains the keys to starting great conversations!

“I’d advise all couples to go though this book together and get to know each other bettera lot better.”

“I love how Do You Squeeze the Toothpaste in the Middle? Playful Questions for Dates and Mates invites people to talk to each other, really communicate. Some of the questions are fun and some are serious. All are intriguing. I’d advise all couples to go though this book together and get to know each other better—a lot better. Share some questions every evening. You’ll be wonderfully surprised at what you discover.”

- Jack Canfield, Co-author of the Chicken Soup
for the Soul® series and The Success Principles
“…One of the most creative, versatile & informative question books we have read.”

“Do You Squeeze the Toothpaste in the Middle? Playful Questions for Dates & Mates is one of the most creative, versatile & informative question books we have read. We love question books, and this one goes beyond the usual Question Books Lite. We loved it because it’s about relationship building/sustaining and one of those concrete tools you can use to enrich your relationship.

“It offers something for everyone. Not every question will fit your situation or personality, but you’re bound to find many that are meaningful to discuss. The quotes & facts are great. The questions were clear, and they generated many thought-provoking conversations.”

- Maria Chomyszak & Kim MacDonald
Seattle, Washington
“Do You Squeeze offers you a down-to-earth way to learn about your partner in a joyously lighthearted but thoroughly life-giving way. Every couple deserves a dose of this sure-fire resource for connecting —and re-connecting—with one another.
- Deanna Davis, author of Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie
and The Law of Attraction in Action: A Down-to-Earth Guide
to Transforming Your Life (No Matter Where You’re Starting From
“…A fun read with a gazillion great questions. It will give you a leg up in the long-lost art of conversation!”
- Wendy Merrill, author of Falling into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl

“This book of questions is the perfect remedy for the times when you’re drawn to someone and want to get to know them and don’t know what to say.”

- Sam Horn, author of POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd; Tongue Fu!®; ConZentrate; What’s Holding You Back?; andTake The Bully By The Horns

Discover What to Talk About, Even If You’re Shy. With the right questions—all found in Do You Squeeze the Toothpaste in the Middle?—you’ll be able to:
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Dig up hidden stories. Everyone’s interesting when you know how to fish for their stories. When you find out someone took a dare and swallowed a tadpole, you’ll never be stumped for gift ideas.
Double your dating pleasure by unlocking your date’s confidential history. Now you have permission—in writing—to get the real scoop. Get ‘em to tell you all the nicknames they’ve ever had: Dopey, Sneezy, Fish Face ….
Spin small talk into real date talk, and decide if he is The One.

Get your pizzazz back if you’ve turned into the couple in the restaurant who are texting other people. Rev up your sputtering relationship and remember why you fell in love with the ol’ cuss….

Make him feel like the most important person in the room. [Tip: This is the essence of charisma. When you make him feel important by asking interesting get-to-know-you questions, he'll love you for it. Your confidence will skyrocket.]

Enjoy great conversations when your sweetie’s away and nothing talk-worthy happened all day: ask your guy a new question by phone, text, or email.
Stop squirming when there’s a lo-o-o-ng silence. You’ll know what to do instead.

Shake up a dull gathering. When the conversation runs out of gas and turns to the weather, pop a new question that everyone can enjoy.

Get hundreds of fun, interesting conversation questions to ask a guy tonight!

Even the chapter titles are questions to get to know someone—not superficially—but for real.

1. Are You Related to Any Big Shots or Famous Folks?

You’ll never wonder what to talk about because this chapter is loaded with 24 pages of questions to ask a guy. Can you use them on your girlfriends? Of course! You can also start interesting conversations with colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors. Get to know the hot guy in the ATM line. You can turn strangers and acquaintances into friends. Maybe into something more….????

2. What’s Your Motto?

Can your trust your partner with your innermost thoughts and feelings? Will your Achilles heel be twisted? Will your answers be turned into artillery later? If you don’t know that about your partner, isn’t it time to find out?

3. What Do You Do or Eat Just Because It’s Good for You?

Have you buried secrets, perhaps by tacit agreement? This book provides the perfect format for bringing them to light.

4. The Meet Market: Would You Rather Be Pursuer or Pursued?

Are you wondering if your main squeeze is a keeper, but you don’t know how to ask the BIG Questions? Is it true that there never seems to be a good time? Have you discussed exactly what commitment means to each of you? How about monogamy? Unless you’ve talked about where your relationship is going, you’re tapping along like a blind person with a white cane.

5. What Topics Bore You Out of Your Skull?

Does “Honey, we need to talk” set your teeth on edge? How compatible are your talking and fighting styles? Get useful tips about solving problems and moving on. You’ll also get the bonus “Sing Your Fights: 9 Tips for Creative Conflict.”

6. Did You Get Any Facts of Life Really, Really Wrong?

What do you really like in bed? If “snack food” is your answer, this chapter is a must-read. Should you get tested for HIV? This section brings up hard-to-talk-about topics and gives specific suggestions to create sparks in the dark.

“Intelligent people get to really know each other before taking the leap. However, even longtime couples need to make sure they have all their cards on the table before embarking on the sea of matrimony.”- Dear Abby

What Goodies Do You Get in the Book?

  • Over 400 fun, interesting, meaningful conversation questions—enough to keep you talking for months.
    Talk about cheap dates! You could spend years thinking up all these conversation topics, and now you don’t have to. That’s 77 pages of insights, entertainment, and even journal questions. Over half are questions you could ask anyone.

  • Fresh and original questions, enjoyable all by themselves.
    They’re not the usual “What’s your most embarrassing moment?” Although that’s a good one when you know someone well enough. If you know them really well, try this one: “What’s your most embarrassing moment that involved a naked person?”

  • How to find out now if Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong in a sheepskin jacket. Each chapter ends with “Something About Me I’m (Not) Afraid to Tell You.” These sections give you the excuse to ask important and hard questions about your love compatibility. You get to say, “Honey, I’m just following the book.”

  • Stories, jokes, factoids, tips, and intriguing quotes.
  • Quizzes. Some might save your sanity. Some could save your life. I’m not kidding. Look on page 73.

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Uncover your partner’s dirty laundry early on, before you lose your heart. Find out what the red flags are, and then decide if you want to share a house with them.

You’re one click away from a lifetime of great questions to ask a guy because you can use the questions over and over with new people you meet.

With this handy e-book—a conversational crutch to lean on—you will anticipate your next social event. Whether it’s a date or a company party, you’ll think, “I can’t wait to use these questions again.”

Of course, you get …

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